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Our winemaking philosophy revolves around the notion that perfect fruit requires little-to-no manipulation in the winemaking process. Winemaker Brent’s mantra is all about balance; he refers to his methods as holistic, with an end goal of producing wines that represent the grapes’ origins in reference to both the physical traits respective terroir and their original, positive energy and all-around good vibes.
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2014 Viognier
Price: $19.00
Pronounced (Vee-ogg Ner) for those that have not heard of it. With crisp mineral and stone fruit aromas of pear and apricot bring harmony to maple and hints of vanilla. Three months in all stainless steel tanks with first fermentation only brings forth a balanced acidity. Muenster, triple buttered brie, truffle fries or garlic white wine butter will set this wine in high gear to please the taste buds.
This late harvest has 9% residual sugar so if you like sweet then you came to the right place. Close your eyes and think of chocolate. And don't worry folks the Honey Badger is in hibernation.
The Pressley (Brent’s daughter) Rose is made in a stainless steel tank and only takes 3 months to make because it does not go through ML (malo-lactic). It’s all about the acid in this wine, which gives a fresh strawberry, lemon, and tart finish. This crisp wine also has hints of watermelon and ripe cherries, or hell, pair it yourself and don’t share it with anyone.
Everyone knows that “doggy style” was developed by the French (right?), so when we decided to make a Côte-Rôtie, Luna our ranch dog, told us to blend 90% Syrah 10% Viognier, and Doggy Style was born. This is a simple wine, you either dig it or hate it, hence doggy style. First sip will give you a lot of green olive, hint of black pepper, and clove.
This wine is released every Valentines day. What makes this wine intriguing is the cold fermentation, it sits in our Cold room for 3 months. On the nose refreshing hints of guava, banana and honeysuckle. The first taste will give you a crisp green apple and tropical fruits. This is a great wine to pair with Halibut or Asian food.
For all you wine geeks, this pinot noir does not need to be blended, Clone 777 can stand by itself. Ever had the feeling? Rolling lucky 777 jackpot at the casino, hitting all green lights when you’re late. This wine is about karma. Made in neutral oak barrels with 1/3 stem inclusion, tannins in this wine are perfectly balanced. Hints of sweet tobacco and pomegranate. This is a great wine to pair with salmon or pork.
2014 Lucky Bubbles
Price: $45.00
The reserve program is all about thinking “outside the box”. That’s why we picked Clone 828. So instead of 1/3 stems, we put in 100% stems. Instead of neutral oak we put in 15% oak. This wine is built for your cellar. In barrel for 14 months. First sip will make your mouth dry, thats the tannins talking to you. As you swallow, it has a very leathery, mint finish. Cellar this wine for 5 to 8 years.
You wont find too many wineries that make a sparkling wine in Santa Barbara. This Award winning wine is originated from the Champagne region of France. This wine sells itself.