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2017 Brady's Blend Syrah
2017 Brady's Blend Syrah

"What's in a blend?
Is it all Syrah?
Is there any other stuff hidden in there?
Is this one good?"

Okay, smarty pants, here's your answers: wine, yes, no, yes. Now stop asking so many questions and take a sip. You're gonna love it, we promise.
Price: $40.00

Product Code: BB-SYRAH7

This stunning wine is a combination of Top Secret syrah clones that will never be revealed! Lovingly fermented with stems included and aged in neutral oak barrels for up to 8 months. Brady's Blend, named after Brent's son Brady, has a huge white pepper kick with black olive undertones with a blanket of blueberry flavor to tie it all together. Great depth and just enough acidity that the tannins are well balanced. If you're a red wine drinker, this bottle is about to be your favorite! Previous vintages have all won at least a gold medal, with the 2014 Brady's Blend being awarded a platinum.