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2017 Sweet Luna Late Harvest Syrah
2017 Sweet Luna Late Harvest Syrah

"If you're ever wondering what to do after dinner, consider these options:
  1. Drink more wine (a no-brainer)
  2. Light a cigar (Cubans only)
  3. Snipe hunting (only if you're crazy enough to go)
  4. Build a fire and get cozy
Suddenly, a bottle of Sweet Luna appears. Your decision is made!"
--Luna the dog (woof)

Sounds far-fetched? You're the one listening to a talking dog. Luna loves this wine because it's the only chocolate-tasting thing she's allowed to have.
Price: $32.00

Product Code: SWEETLUNA17

This is a red dessert wine--how unusual! Not a port, since it's very low in alcohol, but with comparable characteristics. Sweet Luna has a 9% residual sugar content and a chocolate-cherry flavor; a musky, oaky aroma adds decadence. A very subtle spicy end. This bottle is sure to be an after-dinner favorite to anyone with a sweet tooth.